We help companies to plan their financial needs and obtain third party resources needed in the most efficient way, using the main sources of financing available in the market.

  • Implement an investment project but I don't have the necessary resources.
  • Achieve liquidity to grow my company financially
  • Make a technology change or introduce innovation to my production process.
  • Develop new products or services that require some investment.
  • Open up new markets that involve new needs for treasury

  • Financing investment or circulating financing
    Based on accounting and business information from the company, we analyse your need for financing and, if required, we draft a viability plan of the investment, establishing cash flows that will make it possible to repay the debt and provide the guarantees required by the company, which are studied according to the economic value of the operation.
  • Technology financing
    Traditional financial institutions are often unwilling to assume risks deriving from technology or innovation technology projects, but there are other types of institutions, both public (CDTI, ENISA, etc) and private (venture capital funds, business angels, etc), that are willing to finance this type of project. The secret is to identify the most suitable institution for each specific project based on requirements and strategies, and to understand their application and negotiation processes.
  • Outsourcing financial management
    Defining the company's financial strategies and action to take to guarantee financial stability. At the same time, a treasury control system is established, planning the company’s financial needs in advance and managing any changes foreseen to the company's financial structure with banks. We also draw up annual budgets and carry out monthly monitoring of their implementation.



    Other services


      We help to plan and perform an orderly generational handover of family businesses, ensuring a successful transition.

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      We help senior management of companies in complex settings to address and implement strategic changes in the organisation and business model, enabling them to transform and to improve their competitive position and provide market value.

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      We help to define, plan and implement a coherent marketing strategy and a value proposition in an orderly, professional manner, to achieve your future challenges and drive your business to strengthen growth and give your business a competitive advantage. We support companies wishing to outsource their Marketing Departments and support in management and the development of exceptional Marketing and Communication activities.

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      We help to evaluate, plan and take different financial and economic decisions throughout the life of the company.

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      We help companies to plan their financial needs and obtain third party resources needed in the most efficient way, using the main sources of financing available in the market.

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      We organize and assist the management of the company in the conceptualization, design and implementation of the analytics and intelligence of its business, developing management and control tools through the use of Business Intelligence tools and the preparation of Scorecards (Integral, commercial , financial, operational, etc.) and the determination of the KPIs suitable to analyze the business activity and the fulfillment of the objectives and strategy of the company.

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      A customised service designed to protect and manage family and business assets in an independent manner with a specialised approach. A Family Office is an organisation that supports different key areas of family or business matters (financial, legal, corporate, taxation and inheritance) for families with significant assets, to establish, control and improve profitability and operation of family companies and assets.

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      We help companies with management processes by defining specific indicators for each business, determining their current situation, providing adequate information for taking decisions and anticipating future issues.

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